Board Game Reviews

This is a comprehensive listing of all of the board games of which I have written reviews. Know of a board game you think I would like? Let me know and I will try to find it so I can try it out and review it!
Please note: when I review a game I am reviewing it in regards to other games of a similar “weight” and style. Comparing a fun, silly party game to a heavy Euro game wouldn’t do either justice. You don’t compare an ice cream shop head to head with a steakhouse–both may be excellent at what they do, but if you’re looking for ice cream (or a fun, silly party game) you don’t care about how it stacks up against steakhouses (heavy Euro game). Similarly, I rate expansions to games based on if that expansion accomplishes what I believe a game expansion should do–enhance the base game without feeling like it’s tacking on arbitrary new “expansion rules” that mess with what the essence of the game is.

Black Market 1 Boss Monster 01 Citadels1 Dastardly Dirigibles #1 Discount Salmon 1 Drakon1 Exploding Kittens 1  image Firefly1 FireflyP&B01 FireflyBlueSun01 Harbour 3  LoveLetter1 Nevermore! Riff Raff 1 RoboRally06 Temporum 1 viaappia1 Walk the Plank!01

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