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One of the things I love most about board game events is the chance to try out games that have been recommended to me but that I have no idea what they are about or know anyone who owns them. Amazon has been recommending Love Letter from AEG to me for well over a year now and I finally got the chance to play it at my FLGS during International Tabletop Day. If you are looking for a quick game that you can take most anywhere, Love Letter might be the game for you.



Review of Temporum

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Board Games, Reviews
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Temporum 1

Modern boardgames come with all kinds of different themes that allow you to take on roles ranging from the mundane to the fantastic. I personally love games that come in a sci fi or fantasy flavor; one classic sci fi/fantasy theme that has not been well portrayed on the tabletop is that of time travel.  Those days are behind us now with Temporum, the latest game from Donald X. Vaccarino, the designer of Dominion! (more…)

Boss Monster 01

I was super excited that last week I finally received the backer reward for the first Kickstarter campaign that I ever backed–Digital Boss Monster! That’s right, a card game based on videos games now has a video game version of it! (more…)


Is your corner of the ‘Verse starting to feel a little bit small? Would you like to make some new friends and take on new challenges? Have you been wanting to bring a little bit of Serenity to your Firefly game and take on the Reavers with a trip out to Miranda? Well, good sir or ma’am, I have just what you are looking for! The Blue Sun expansion for Firefly: The Game from GaleForce Nine is here to bring you all of that! (more…)


So, you’ve had a good time flying around the ‘Verse so far and like playing Firefly: The Game, but now you’re looking for a way to wipe the smug look off your friend’s face as he flies a ship full of contraband over to Niska to sell for insane amounts of profit?  Well, good sir or ma’am, have I got the box for you! Now not only can you steal from your friends for fun and profit, but you can also clean up the scum scattered around the ‘Verse with the Pirates & Bounty Hunters expansion for Firefly: The Game from GaleForce Nine!


Harbour 3

Welcome to Gullsbottom Harbour! You are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to buy the most valuable buildings in the Harbour. You’ll do this by gathering goods and selling them on the open market, but beware–your opponents are also trading on the open market and when they sell their goods it affects the price you’re going to get, so be wary–the price on that fortune of fish you are looking to sell may go belly up at any moment! (more…)

Black Market 1In Black Market Warehouse from Fire Squadron, you play as a warehouse manager. Sure it sounds a little boring but I assure you it’s not–the warehouses you are managing belong to the mob and it’s your job to fill them up with the various illicit goods while thwarting the competition and avoiding the cops. (more…)

Walk the Plank!01

In Walk the Plank! from Mayday Games, players represent the worst pirates in a captain’s crew. The captain has rounded you all up because you’re lazy, stupid, and simply not worth the rum and loot you get paid. That said, the captain has decided he’s willing to keep two of you in his crew. To prove you’re worthy you will fight amongst yourselves and try to shove the other pirates off the end of the plank while keeping yourself alive! (more…)

Discount Salmon 1

Discount Salmon is one of my favorite random discoveries from Gen Con. The booth for Water Bear Games was stashed toward a back corner of the vendor floor far from the area inhabited by the big names in gaming. I didn’t find them until I was wandering around the vendor floor on the last day of the con and wouldn’t have noticed them except for the fact that the game designer was there dressed in a giant, inflatable salmon costume. Yes, you read that correctly–he was wearing a giant, inflatable salmon costume! If you read the whole review I may even be nice enough to show you said suit of fishy awesomeness…



At game night last weekend I had the opportunity to try out the game Robo Rally from Avalon Hill Games. The basic premise of this game is that the players are robots in a factory and once the factory closes down for the night, they have grand prix style races across the factory floor. (more…)