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The allure of the dragon Drakon’s hoard has long enticed adventurers to tempt fate and seek their fortune in the winding depths of her labyrinth; do you have what it takes to elude the legendary dragon and escape with the treasure?


There are many paths to power: brute force, cunning deception, cunning trickery. In Nevermore from Smirk & Dagger games you hold the cards, but you you can’t keep them all. What will you give your opponents lest they turn it into the dagger they stab in your back? What will you keep for yourself? And what will your opponents give you that you can use against them?

Gen Con 2015 is over, I am home and recovered from the exhilaratingly exhausting (exhilarhausting perhaps?) best four days of gaming. I’ve finally gotten some sleep, recovered my ability to use words, and cataloged this year’s epic haul. (more…)


And with that another Gen Con has come and gone! Gen Con 2015 is in the books and what a time it was! (more…)



Day 3 of Gen Con 2015 is in the books and what a crazy day it was! (more…)


Day Two of Gen Con 2015 has come and gone and what day it was! Some much gaming, so much fun, so much awesome! (more…)


The first day of Gen Con 2015 is in the books and what a day it was! (more…)


The greatest time of the year is upon us and no, I don’t mean Oktoberfest, Christmas, Arbor Day, or Shakespeare’s Birthday (which may coincide with that of a certain gamer you might know of). It’s time for Gen Con, the best four days of gaming! (more…)