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Los in R'lyeh #1

Cthulhu is awakening and the ancient city of R’lyeh has risen from the depths to take you up in its madness! You must use all of your cunning and guile to cling to your sanity and avoid being forever Lost in R’lyeh amidst the cyclopean ruins when Cthulhu rises…


At game night on Friday I got to try out Imploding Kittens, the first expansion to the wildly popular game Exploding Kittens. Kittens exploded and imploded, the future was changed, and I wore the cone of shame–basically everything you need for a fun Friday night! (more…)


It’s been about a week since Gen Con 2016 wrapped up, which means that I should probably get around to doing this wrap-up post.  (more…)

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to share what you’ve been working on this week! Having been either on the road to/from Indianapolis or at Gen Con itself from last Tuesday up until late Monday night, I haven’t gotten much actual hobby work accomplished; most of my Work in Progress currently is recovering from Gen Con and catching up on real life commitments. I did learn some really cool painting and sculpting techniques that I’m looking forward to trying out on my models once I clean up my hobby room a bit. As I don’t have much in the way of miniatures to show of as works in progress this week, I felt I should share my Gen Con haul (I’ve got to get it sorted an organized, so that’s some WiP, right?).

What have you been working on?

Today was the fine day of Gen Con 2016 and it was a great wrap-up to a great con! (more…)

Three days of Gen Con down, one more to go! (more…)


The second day of Gen Con 2016 has come and gone what a day it was! (more…)

The first day of Gen Con 2016 is in the books and what a day it was! (more…)

The greatest time of the year is upon us and no, I don’t mean Oktoberfest, Christmas, Arbor Day, or Shakespeare’s Birthday (which may coincide with that of a certain gamer you might know of). It’s time for Gen Con, the best four days of gaming! Happy Gen Con Eve!!! (more…)


This will be my fourth year in a row attending Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in North America; Gen Con is my favorite time of year (seriously, I plan my year around this) and I know that not everyone can make it out the convention, so last year I decided to do a series of blog posts to share my adventures with the denizens of the internet so that those who can’t make it out to Gen Con can still get a little taste of the fun. Those posts turned out to be so popular and greatly appreciated that I’ve decided not only to once again do a series of posts on my adventures at Gen Con, but I will also have a gallery page that I will be updating occasionally throughout the day.

In less that 72 hours Gen Con will be kicking off, so check back here to see all the insanity!