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It is begun!!! The first round theme and match-ups for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2015 painting contest have been announced!  Iron Painter is a painting contest run by Wyrd Miniatures; this contest varies from most painting contests in that it has multiple rounds and each round there’s a theme and all of the entrants are paired off in head-to-head match-ups, the winner of each pair advancing to the next round and the last painter standing at the end of all rounds crowned the victor. Competitors are encouraged to complete entries for each round even if they have been eliminated and any painter who manages to complete an entry every single round received special recognition (and chances at prizes!). Full details on the competition are available on Wyrd’s website.

The theme for the first round of Iron Painter 2015 is “Fool’s Gold” and I am paired off with the mystery knight “TheGodeckan”; I do not know who this opponent is or what their painting skills are, but their forum avatar is of Cthulhu, so therefor they must be respected. I have begun work on my entry for this round and I thought you all might like to see what I am up to.  (more…)


I finally got around to finishing off this commission paint piece of the Forge World Keeper of Secrets, Zarakynel. This model was a pain to build (each of those spikes on the leg and the breast are individual pieces too tiny to easily handle by hand and too angled to easily handle with tweezers) but a lot of fun to paint. I am really happy with the finished result. (more…)

So I am back from covering the GW store in San Antonio and am taking over a Houston store tomorrow! While I was in San Antonio, I finished up my first unit of six minotaurs. More minotaurs will be coming eventually, just gotta clear the decks of a few more projects. Still working on photographing my miniatures; getting a tripod would probably help this.

And speaking of upcoming projects, I think I have decided how I’m going to go about making my Thunderwolf Cavalry for my Space Wolves. I will keep you all posted and post some step-by-step pictures of the conversion.

Anyway, enough rambling. Time for some Minotaurs!!!!! (more…)

Gor Herd!

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Finished Miniatures, Wargaming, Warhammer

What’s that coming out of the woods!? Oh noes! It’s my latest completed project–a 20 man Gor Herd for my Beastman army!

Gor Herd 1