An Iron Painter’s Quest 2016

Iron Painter is an annual painting contest run by Wyrd Miniatures; this contest varies from most painting contests as it has multiple rounds, each with a theme, and all of the entrants are paired off in head-to-head match-ups. The winner of each pair advances to the next round and the last painter standing at the end of all rounds is crowned the victor. Competitors are encouraged to complete entries for each round, even if they have been eliminated, and any painter who manages to complete an entry every single round receives special recognition–the coveted title of Iron Painter!

2016 marks the second year I took part in the epic quest that is the Iron Painter competition. I was successful last year in my quest to earn the title of Iron Painter and I learned many important lessons that aided me in my goal of once again earning the title of Iron Painter! These posts chronicle my personal journey on the quest to live up to the title of Iron Painter.

Round 1 Posts

2016IPEp01 2016IPEp02
2016IPEp03 2016IPEp04
Not Too Banged Up

Round 2 Posts

2016IPEp06 2016IPEp07
2016IPEp08 2016IPEp09
The Finishing Touches

Round 3 Posts

2016IPEp10 2016IPEp11

Round 4 Posts

2016IPEp13 2016IPEp14
2016IPEp15 2016IPEp16

Final Round Posts

2016IPEp18 2016IPEp19


And because I can, here is a gallery of all five of my entries:

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