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So you want to base your entry for Iron Painter with wood flooring but everywhere is sold out of that cool looking wood plank plasticard and there is no way to get it in time to finish your project? No problem! It’s time to bust out the greenstuff and Vaseline and get yourself some wood…    …flooring!


I’ve been wanting to use long grass on some bases for a while, but I didn’t like any of the products I found specifically made for this purpose. I was about to give in and buy some of the expensive long grass products when I stumbled upon a method using old paint brush bristles as long grass and decided I should give it a go. The results turned out great, so I wanted to share the method I used with you all.


As promised, here are some more of the Malifaux models I have finished off recently due to my daily fifteen minutes of painting. It really is quite inspiring the amount of work I can get done simply by forcing myself to keep to that commitment of fifteen minutes of painting each day; I strongly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves with a big stack of models they need to finish off. I have also included a few works in progress today to show off a some things I have been working on that aren’t quite finished yet. (more…)


Ice Basing Tutorial 15A little while back I saw a great video tutorial on how to do a really cool ice basing technique. As the Malifaux crew I have been working on is ice themed, I thought technique could end up looking really cool with them. Because the materials used in this technique end up making it a very permanent form of basing I thought I should give it a test run before actually using it on one of my models, so I made a test base that I’m going to end up using as a objective marker for Warhammer 40k. The video I originally saw this technique in doesn’t appear to be available anymore, so I figured I should post a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this technique. (more…)