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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a handful of models I wanted to finish up in time for Gen Con, so I called upon the citizens of the internet to heap their shame, scorn, and derision upon me if between then and Gen Con I failed to present at least one of the models I had mentioned in its fully painted glory. I have already presented you with Joss and some Silurids, well now I present to you the Blessed of December! As you can tell by its name, this model goes along with my Children of December crew for Malifaux, but as it’s a beast it also pairs up quite well with my Marcus crew. (more…)


I have several models that I would like to finish up painting before Gen Con this year and in an effort to build off of the painting momentum I have built up in the weeks leading up to and throughout the Iron Painter 2025 Competition, I am challenging myself to finish off all of the above pictured models prior to my trip to Gen Con. As I am leaving for Gen Con exactly five weeks from today’s date, that averages out to a little more than a model a week (which is convenient as I will probably finish off all of the Silurids at the same time).

The final round of the Iron Painter 2015 Competition will start towards the end of this week, so I need to keep going strong with these models. I have called upon you before, oh denizens of the internet, during my preparations for the Iron Painter competition to shame me were I to fail to complete a model per week; this gave me to motivation behind one of the most productive time periods of painting I have ever had. Once again I ask you to heap your shame, scorn, and derision upon me if each Friday between now and Gen Con I fail to present you with at least one of the models pictured above in its fully painted glory. I know I can count on you!