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Los in R'lyeh #1

Cthulhu is awakening and the ancient city of R’lyeh has risen from the depths to take you up in its madness! You must use all of your cunning and guile to cling to your sanity and avoid being forever Lost in R’lyeh amidst the cyclopean ruins when Cthulhu rises…

Dastardly Dirigibles #1

Professor Phineas Edmund Hornswoggle, the greatest dirigible engineer of the day, has announced his retirement; the time has come for you to prove that you are the heir-apparent in airship engineering!


At game night on Friday I got to try out Imploding Kittens, the first expansion to the wildly popular game Exploding Kittens. Kittens exploded and imploded, the future was changed, and I wore the cone of shame–basically everything you need for a fun Friday night! (more…)


The allure of the dragon Drakon’s hoard has long enticed adventurers to tempt fate and seek their fortune in the winding depths of her labyrinth; do you have what it takes to elude the legendary dragon and escape with the treasure?


There are many paths to power: brute force, cunning deception, cunning trickery. In Nevermore from Smirk & Dagger games you hold the cards, but you you can’t keep them all. What will you give your opponents lest they turn it into the dagger they stab in your back? What will you keep for yourself? And what will your opponents give you that you can use against them?

Exploding Kittens 1

At game night last night I was finally able to try out a game that I have been hearing hype about for several months now: Exploding Kittens! (more…)


One of the things I love most about board game events is the chance to try out games that have been recommended to me but that I have no idea what they are about or know anyone who owns them. Amazon has been recommending Love Letter from AEG to me for well over a year now and I finally got the chance to play it at my FLGS during International Tabletop Day. If you are looking for a quick game that you can take most anywhere, Love Letter might be the game for you.


Review of Temporum

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Board Games, Reviews
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Temporum 1

Modern boardgames come with all kinds of different themes that allow you to take on roles ranging from the mundane to the fantastic. I personally love games that come in a sci fi or fantasy flavor; one classic sci fi/fantasy theme that has not been well portrayed on the tabletop is that of time travel.  Those days are behind us now with Temporum, the latest game from Donald X. Vaccarino, the designer of Dominion! (more…)

Boss Monster 01

I was super excited that last week I finally received the backer reward for the first Kickstarter campaign that I ever backed–Digital Boss Monster! That’s right, a card game based on videos games now has a video game version of it! (more…)


Is your corner of the ‘Verse starting to feel a little bit small? Would you like to make some new friends and take on new challenges? Have you been wanting to bring a little bit of Serenity to your Firefly game and take on the Reavers with a trip out to Miranda? Well, good sir or ma’am, I have just what you are looking for! The Blue Sun expansion for Firefly: The Game from GaleForce Nine is here to bring you all of that! (more…)