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Earlier this week I posted some photos of my finished Gunsmith to fulfill my obligation of presenting a finished model to you all before Friday, July 24th. I’ve been informed by a good friend that since I finished the Gunsmith on Saturday, he is not counting my obligation as fulfilled as it was completed during last week and not this week. As I will be going to Gen Con with said friend, I had to hurry to finish up another model in time to avoid his scorn and derision; that means that today I present to you one of my favorite sculpts in Malifaux: the alternate model for Rasputina! (more…)


What’s that coming out of the shadows? Oh no, it’s some of those crazy cannibals from the Cult of December here to back up Rasputina and her icy friends!

Last week I called upon you to heap your shame, scorn, and derision upon me if I failed to present another finished miniature by Friday, July 17th as I’m trying to clear my painting desk before heading to Gen Con. Once again I have achieved my goal and present you with these three December Acolytes! (more…)


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a handful of models I wanted to finish up in time for Gen Con, so I called upon the citizens of the internet to heap their shame, scorn, and derision upon me if between then and Gen Con I failed to present at least one of the models I had mentioned in its fully painted glory. I have already presented you with Joss and some Silurids, well now I present to you the Blessed of December! As you can tell by its name, this model goes along with my Children of December crew for Malifaux, but as it’s a beast it also pairs up quite well with my Marcus crew. (more…)

Cojo 4

I finally got around to finishing painting the last member of my Claw and Fang crew box–Cojo, the big, angry, spiky gorilla! I am really happy how he turned out and am really glad I decided to give him an icicle as a club. (more…)


Now that the Wyrd Miniatures Frozen Moments Painting contest voting is closed , I can show you my entry as promised! I may not have won the single miniature category, but I feel like I made a very good showing (by my last count I was about 5thish place out of 27 entries) and got a lot of compliments on what I did. While the Mr. Graves titled “A Better Class of Bouncer” which did win and the others close to it were certainly in a class above my skills (there was also an amazing McMourning which was solidly leading in votes but had to pull out of the contest because he apparently misread the rules and entered something which couldn’t be entered), I feel like I made a decent showing and my painting has improved a lot even since the last contest I entered. (more…)


It has been apparently been almost exactly six months since the last time I posted anything up here. I felt like I had been doing a decent job of posting at least once a week and then *BAM!* life gets crazy busy and all of this falls by the wayside. Between work, travel, ren faire, Gen Con, and laser eye surgery the last six months have been rather packed. (more…)


I have finally finished off painting my first Malifaux crew: the Children of December! I fell in love with these models at Gen Con last year and finally have them painted, based, and ready to bring icy death to all those who oppose them! (more…)


I have finished up painting the Ice Golem and Ice Gamin from my Children of December crew for Malifaux. I am really happy with how they turned out and love how they look with the ice basing. Now I just need to do some detail work on Rasputina and her furry little Wendigo friend and I will have my first Malifaux crew completed! Next up for Malifaux: Marcus and his menagerie; Wyrd finally annouced the new plastic December Acolytes should be coming out soon, so I will probably snag some of those once they come out and add them into Rasputina’s icy crew.

imageI’ve been crazy busy with the new job the last few weeks and haven’t had the opportunity to do much in the way of painting or modeling lately. Finally got the chance to paint up the Ice Golem from my Arcanists Children of December crew. I still need to finish off the basing (adding in some snow and ice) but thought I ought to post something. I’ll be posting a step-by-step of the new technique for ice I plan on trying out if it turns out well.