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In some of my recent posts I have mentioned the Malifaux Neverborn master known as the Dreamer (aka the creepy little kid who haunts the dreams of Malifaux). I have also mentioned that the Dreamer has some nightmarish friends, well this little guy is his very best friend–Lord Chompy Bits!!!¬† (more…)


One of my favorite concepts for a master in Malifaux is the Dreamer–he’s this little kid with an overactive imagination who also happens to have magical powers, but no one Earthside realizes he has these powers. I have been working at putting together a fully painted crew of his nightmare friends. Unfortunately Wyrd hasn’t made a plastic version of Insidious Madnesses yet and the old metal ones are nearly impossible to find now. Conveniently the ¬†A Wyrd Place¬†Facebook group does a monthly hobby challenge and the March challenge was to make a proxy model for use in Malifaux, so I took a Games Workshop Pink Horror I had sitting around and turned it into an Insidious Madness for this challenge. I figured that since this is something being not quite what it sees that it would be the perfect thing to share for April Fools Day! (more…)


I recently finished up a three different Malifaux models to enter for Wyrd Miniatures Frozen Moments Painting contest single miniature category. I painted up three because I couldn’t decide between which of the three I wanted to enter and decided to see which I liked best when I was completely finished painting all of them. Here you can see the two I decided not to enter. (more…)


As promised, here are some more of the Malifaux models I have finished off recently due to my daily fifteen minutes of painting. It really is quite inspiring the amount of work I can get done simply by forcing myself to keep to that commitment of fifteen minutes of painting each day; I strongly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves with a big stack of models they need to finish off. I have also included a few works in progress today to show off a some things I have been working on that aren’t quite finished yet. (more…)