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There is less than a week left until entries for Round 2 of the Iron Painter contest are due. At this point last round I was much further along with my entry than I am now, but this round I decided that I needed to order a model I couldn’t find around here and on top of that I decided I needed to do custom sculpting and conversion on it to kick it up a notch for the Iron Painter. I suppose I did bring it up on myself…

Best Friends Forever

While waiting for results of round one of the Iron Painter contest I figured I should finish up a few things I have on my painting desk. That means it’s time to sleep carefully–The Dreamer is ready to come out to play!


Doppleganger1 Blue Daydream1

While waiting for some layers on my Iron Painter entry to dry, I have been working on a few more Neverborn to add in to my collection. I really need to actually play my Neverborn at some point… (more…)


As promised, here are some more of the Malifaux models I have finished off recently due to my daily fifteen minutes of painting. It really is quite inspiring the amount of work I can get done simply by forcing myself to keep to that commitment of fifteen minutes of painting each day; I strongly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves with a big stack of models they need to finish off. I have also included a few works in progress today to show off a some things I have been working on that aren’t quite finished yet. (more…)