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It has been apparently been almost¬†exactly six months since the last time I posted anything up here. I felt like I had been doing a decent job of posting at least once a week and then *BAM!* life gets crazy busy and all of this falls by the wayside. Between work, travel, ren faire,¬†Gen Con, and laser eye surgery the last six months have been rather packed. (more…)


I have finally finished off painting my first Malifaux crew: the Children of December! I fell in love with these models at Gen Con last year and finally have them painted, based, and ready to bring icy death to all those who oppose them! (more…)


I have finished up painting the Ice Golem and Ice Gamin from my Children of December crew for Malifaux. I am really happy with how they turned out and love how they look with the ice basing. Now I just need to do some detail work on Rasputina and her furry little Wendigo friend and I will have my first Malifaux crew completed! Next up for Malifaux: Marcus and his menagerie; Wyrd finally annouced the new plastic December Acolytes should be coming out soon, so I will probably snag some of those once they come out and add them into Rasputina’s icy crew.