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Castigator WiP06

Continuing on with my goal of doing at least fifteen minutes of hobby work per day I have recently started up several new projects that I have been meaning to get around to.  (more…)

With as busy as I have been of late with everything, I have been unable to actually post anything up here. While I haven’t actually finished of any new models since my Children of December Malifaux crew, I do have several projects in the works and I thought I should post some of my works in progress.

Skull Knight 3



With my first Imperial Knight built, I decided that I should make my second knight more dynamically posed. The only real problem I have with the Imperial Knight Paladin/Errant kit is that the legs are only able to be built in a single pose, as opposed to the other recent large walker models from GW, such as the Riptide and Wraithknight, whose legs have locator pins to lock the legs in a set pose but that can be cut if you want to make them more posable. (more…)

Faceless Knight WiPMy first Imperial Knight is built and ready for priming as soon as the green stuff sets up! All of the masks on the knight are magnetized to allow them to be swapped on their different mounts and for the knight to wear different masks. I still need to come up with a paint scheme and name for this Freeblade knight, but I am thinking something along the lines of “The Faceless Knight” or “Knight of a Thousand Faces”.

Imperial Knights book
Last weekend I picked up my copy of the latest codex from Games Workshop, Codex: Imperial Knights. This review is more about the story and general impression of the army than a thorough analysis of the competitiveness and viability of this book. This is the first completely new army GW has released in about 10 years and it has the potential to change the face of the 40k universe. When I first heard about the Imperial Knights I was very excited to not only see the new models, which are stunning, but also to read the new fluff and story.  (more…)

Over the weekend I picked up one of the new Imperial Knight kits from Games Workshop and I have to say this kit was tons of fun to build. I have my first Knight Titan mostly built, just need to finish off a fun conversion and then it’s time for primer and paint! Here’s how this bad boy is looking so far; I will post some more pictures once he’s finished.


Soon my enemies shall quake at my sight!