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Now that there’s only about a week left until my second round entry for Iron Painter 2016, it’s time that I turn this piece up to 11 and go for a power-up!



I have been rather quiet here for about a week now due to unforeseen circumstances–my house unexpectedly turned into river-property and then a private island. Don’t worry, we’re ok and damage was minimal, but it still means that I’ve been dealing with clean-up and contractors instead of getting any painting done. This also means that I didn’t update you all with the results of Round 2 of Iron Painter. Good news! I won my match-up and continue on as a competitor in the Bronze tier! Yesterday the Round 3 theme and match-ups were announced. The theme is: Wyrd Science!  (more…)

The Finishing Touches

I am pleased to present you with my Round 2 entry for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2016 painting competition! The theme for this round was “Better of (Un)Dead” and my piece is titled “The Finishing Touches.”I’m really happy with how this piece turned out, hopefully it will be enough to defeat valhallan42nd! There are some really great entries (as always) this round which you can check out over on this gallery on the Wyrd forums (also, here’s a link to my opponent’s entry).The results are scheduled to be posted this Friday, so as soon as I know whether or not I advance, I will let you all know; even if I don’t manage to defeat valhallan42nd, I will still continue to complete entries every round as the Iron is strong within this painter!

To Episode 10: Research and Development


With only a few days left until second round entries are due for Iron Painter 2016 it’s time to unleash the hammer! The hammer is my paintbrush… (more…)


When you’re building your secret necromantic, sometimes you realize what you really need is a custom setup to take your creations to the next level. That is exactly the situation I find myself in for the second round of Iron Painter 2016. (more…)


After a brief respite from the painting insanity while the judges did their judging thing, it is time once again to take up my sword and shield (or in this case my brush and palette) to continue my quest to an Iron Painter! Round Two is upon us and with it come the head-to-head painting duels which make the Iron Painter competition so unique. (more…)


Not Too Banged Up

I am pleased to present you with my Round 1 entry for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2016 painting competition! The theme for this round was “Pretty in Pink” and my piece is titled “Not Too Banged Up.” I am ridiculously happy with how this piece turned out. You can check out all the gallery of all of the entries for this round here on Wyrd’s forums. The results of the first round are scheduled to be announced this Friday, April 1st and the next round’s theme will be announced on Monday, April 4th. This means I have about a week to take it easy and work on other projects on my painting desk before it’s time to put bring the iron again. I hope you like this piece as much as I do!

To Episode 6: Time For A Check-Up


The deadline for my entry for the first round of Iron Painter 2016 is nearing; I can see light at the end of the alley and it’s looking pretty good…

It’s Wednesday, at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me so that’s the assumption I’ll keep working on. Speaking of working and poor writing transitions, it’s Work in Progress Wednesday! Time to share what you’ve been working on this week. With my ongoing “An Iron Painter’s Quest” series, I’ve already shared a lot of what I’ve been working on until the late every night, but WiP Wednesday is a tradition whose weekly obligations must be met!

Over the weekend I attended a Malifaux tournament that I had a ton of fun at; my performance on the tabletop was a little sub-par, but I did walk away with the “Best Hobbyist” prize. It also was an opportunity to break out the terrain I’ve been working on. It still needs a little work on the details, but it’s looking really great (you can see my little wild west town up above).

Above you can also see some of the progress I’ve made on my Iron Painter entry since the last time I shared it with you; adding in some color now, although I still have yet to use the pink I need to fit the theme. With my in-laws coming into town this weekend, I have a few more late nights left to finish off this piece before the deadline. Check back soon for more updates, there will be tons of them in the coming days.

What have you been working on?


In a painting competition it’s generally agreed that there needs to be some paint on the model, so I guess it’s about time that actually I put some paint on my round 1 Iron Painter entry seeing as we are a little more than a week into the competition… (more…)