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After a very busy couple of weeks, my Iron Painter 2018 Round 4 entry is complete! The theme this round was “Lowdown and Dirty.” I immediately jumped on the idea that it would be a lot of fun to paint up the Gremlin “Wrastlers” and Mancha Roja having a mud wrestling match in the Bayou and I wanted to try my hand at a diorama with a cutaway view of water again; I certainly learned from the mistakes I made with my first try with this style of diorama in my round 2 entry last year (I got the math right this time and didn’t end up needing five times as much resin as I thought I would!). I tried out a technique that was new to me to create splashes in the water and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Now I must wait for judgment to see if I survive another round in the Silver Tier to face one last Challenger for glory in the final round!


Since I’m more on top of things this time around and I haven’t shared this here yet, I figured I ought to post my Iron Painter 2018 round 3 entry. The theme this round was “Monster Mash”; this entry was challenging, but so much fun to do! I based the paintings on the wall off of the original image of Ferdinand Vogel from the Divergent Paths campaign, way back when he first arrived in Malifaux and before all of the events occurred that made him the man (or monster) he is today. The two framed paintings were entirely freehand painted. I made the wallpaper by creating a vector pattern in Illustrator, which I glued to the wall and then painted over to give it depth. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it! I ended up winning my match-up and continue to fight on in the Silver Tier!

Being a busy busy artist/gamer/student I just realized that I completely forgot to mention earlier how round 1 of Iron Painter 2018 went for me–I got seeded into the Silver Tier! After winning out in Bronze Tier last year, my goal for this year was to make it into the Silver Tier, so I’ve accomplished that! Also, round 2 finished up and I just submitted my round 3 entry a few minutes ago, so I suppose you might be wondering how I did in round 2… (more…)

Once again it’s that time of the year when we must paint until our fingers bleed–it’s time for Iron Painter 2018! This will be my fourth year competing in this grueling competition and my sites are set high–last year I managed to be a Bronze Tier winners, this year I hope to be seeded into a higher tier and survive until the end! However things shake out, this competition is always a great way for me to challenge my painting skills and I look forward to seeing what crazy themes they throw at us this year.

Above is my first round entry; voting is still going on for a few days, so I’m eagerly anticipating the results so that I know where I will be seeded and what the theme for the next round is.


Iron Painter 2016 finished up a little over a week ago, but I was out of town on vacation when it did so I didn’t have a chance to post any kind of wrap up. I’ve finally gotten caught up on everything from while I was out of town and figure I ought to actually post a wrap-up for Iron Painter.



With this piece I once again complete my journey to become an Iron Painter. This has been a crazy, exhausting competition and I am glad to say my journey is finally over. This year I pushed myself to create bigger and better pieces than ever before and managed to complete great pieces all five rounds and now I have five amazing new pieces living in my display case. My entries this year showed a marked improvement over my entries for last year. I even managed to make it all the way to the final round of the competition as a viable competitor, thanks in no small part to the new 3-tiered format for the competition. My final opponent, Erebi, was seeded as a Gold tier painter and was only bumped down to the Bronze after last round. You can see his entry here; you can also see all of the other entries in this gallery.

The results of the competition are scheduled to be announced on Friday, so I will update you all once they have been posted.

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I was out of town all last weekend at Califaux, so I haven’t been around to update everyone on what work I’ve done on my Iron Painter final round entry. Since I lost a few days worth of painting time while I was out of town, it’s time to unleash my inner painting beast!



Round 4 of Iron Painter 2016 has come and gone; the results have been posted and it turns out that the Iron is strong with me and I have defeated my opponent and managed to advance to the final round of the Iron Painter competition still counted amongst the competitors. With that being said, the final theme for Iron Painter 2016 has been announced: Critters!




The message will still be delivered. Tell Ramos that the storm is mounting! Tell him that! You want to be like him, Joss! Tell him you need a new right hand just like his. Tell him that if he sends his “Right-hand man” back as an errand boy, I’ll rip it right off! Tell him!

I am pleased to present you with my Round 4 entry for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2016 painting competition! The theme for this round was “Armed and Dangerous” and my piece is titled “Cold Hearted”. This diorama is based off of a story by the same name which is one of my favorite pieces of lore from the background of Malifaux; it’s available in the older Twisting Fates Rulebook and you can listen to a great audio version of it on Wyrd’s Breachside Broadcast podcast episode #25.

I’m happy with how this piece turned out, hopefully it will be enough to defeat my opponent cOMA! There are some really great entries (as always) this round which you can check out over on this gallery on the Wyrd forums (also, here’s a link to my opponent’s entry).The results are scheduled to be posted this Friday, so as soon as I know whether or not I advance, I will let you all know; even if I don’t manage to defeat cOMA, I will still complete and entry for the final as the Iron is strong within this painter! The end of my quest is within sight!

To Episode 18: A Mountain Made Of Foam


I just wanted to give you all a quick update of how my Iron Painter round 4 entry is going while I wait for a few things to set up properly. The majority of my painting is done, it’s just time for some ice…