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Green Teddy1I painted this guy up for theĀ Hobby Commitment Challenge the Malifaux sub-reddit is running . The challenge is to paint 10 soulstones worth of models every month. I managed to finish this guy up in one evening of painting while I was trying to figure out what to do for the second round of the Iron Painter contest. I am really happy with how quickly I was able to paint a model to this level; I definitely feel like I am improving as a painter! (more…)

Photo Box 14

I have been working on improving the quality of photos I take of my miniatures for a while and have found a great method used by “the pros” that most any hobbyist can pull off at home for a nearly no cost at all. That method is using a photography light diffusion box and I am going to teach you how to build one using items you probably have around your house (and if you don’t, they are rather inexpensive to procure).



As promised, here are some more of the Malifaux models I have finished off recently due to my daily fifteen minutes of painting. It really is quite inspiring the amount of work I can get done simply by forcing myself to keep to that commitment of fifteen minutes of painting each day; I strongly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves with a big stack of models they need to finish off. I have also included a few works in progress today to show off a some things I have been working on that aren’t quite finished yet. (more…)