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I painted these Neverborn models before Califaux so that I could use them in the Henchman Hardcore tournament there, but I just realized that I never actually posted any photos of them. Anyway, I hope you like them:



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted photos of any finished miniatures other than my Iron Painter entries, but with the week between the end of round 4 of Iron painter and the start of the final round I managed to get a bit of work done on some other models. This here is Nekima from Malifaux; looking at her it’s pretty easy to figure out what she’s all about. I hope you like her!

For the past couple of days I have been working on some models I have been wanting to get built and ready for paint while I have been waiting on UPS to show up with the model I will be painting for the second round of the Iron Painter contest. After the first round of Iron Painter I realized that display type models seemed to fare much better in the competition. This really freed me up from holding off building and painting models I wanted to use for gaming lest they fit the Iron Painter theme; chances are that everything I end up painting for Iron Painter will be purely display pieces. I received the Mei Feng Rail Crew box, Rail Golem, Willie the Demolitionist, and the Lilith Mother of Monsters crew box from my in-laws for my birthday. I plan on basing my rail crew members with some train tracks, I just need to find tracks that will both fit on the bases and look to be the right scale; sounds like it’s time to take a trip on down to the local train store! I really like how the vines spreading around Lilith’s feet turned out.

Bday WiP1 Bday WiP3

Nekima WiP Bday WiP2 LilithWiP

The model I will be painting for my next Iron Painter entry is scheduled to arrive today, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little work on it tonight. Check back tomorrow to see what nightmares I will be unleashing upon paintminion and amazonwarlord!