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WiPWednesday 1-13

Due to traveling for the holidays and then getting back into the swing of normal life I haven’t had much time to get any hobbying done, but I want to get back into the habit of posting every week for Work in Progress Wednesday. I hope that getting back into this habit will provide the impetus to get my butt in gear with painting more often.

Over the weekend I hung several pieces of new fantasy art in my Nerd Cave; I have previously shared glimpses of the Nerd Cave here and here, so I thought I might as well show some of the latest work I have done with decorating my refuge of geekery. Yesterday I posted about the custom wall plaques I made this last weekend for my rapier and dagger, which are now hanging around the corner from the angle where I took this panorama. Most of the artwork on the walls was created by cool fantasy artists who I’ve found at Gen Con and Ren Faire, so if you like the art you see and have any questions about what it is or where I obtained it don’t hesitate to ask; I love doing the small things I can to expose more people the works of great fantasy artists.

Hopefully I can make some solid progress on the numerous painting projects I have going and have something for more interesting to share with you all next week. What projects have you been working on lately?