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GusladoWhereYourWorldEndsI am very pleased to present you with my entry for Round 2 of Wyrd Miniature’s Iron Painter contest. The theme for this round is “The End of the World, As We Know It” and I have titled my entry “Where Your World Ends, My World Begins.”



The famous Bob Ross liked to paint happy little trees, it turns out that my trees aren’t so happy and want you to get off their lawn. Sorry Bob, but sometimes happy trees won’t cut it and you need some angry foliage… (more…)


I’ve been working hard on finishing off my round two entry for Iron Painter 2015 (although I did take a break to go see the Avengers movie). It’s almost time for a lullaby to put my Iron Painter round two entry to bed, but before then I still have a little work left to do. Soon I shall unleash my world of nightmares upon paintminion and amazonwarlord… (more…)


There is less than a week left until entries for Round 2 of the Iron Painter contest are due. At this point last round I was much further along with my entry than I am now, but this round I decided that I needed to order a model I couldn’t find around here and on top of that I decided I needed to do custom sculpting and conversion on it to kick it up a notch for the Iron Painter. I suppose I did bring it up on myself…

Green Teddy1I painted this guy up for the Hobby Commitment Challenge the Malifaux sub-reddit is running . The challenge is to paint 10 soulstones worth of models every month. I managed to finish this guy up in one evening of painting while I was trying to figure out what to do for the second round of the Iron Painter contest. I am really happy with how quickly I was able to paint a model to this level; I definitely feel like I am improving as a painter! (more…)


After much deliberation as to what to paint for this round of the Iron Painter contest and then waiting for my model to arrive to my doorstep, the model I’ll be painting for the second round of the Iron Painter contest is finally here! The theme for this round is “The End of the World, As We Know It.” As I mentioned in my previous post it took a long time to decide on what to do for this theme, but I finally struck upon the concept that the world as we know it ends where the world of dreams begins and I knew just the model that would work for this…

The Dreamer, Avatar of Imagination!


For the past couple of days I have been working on some models I have been wanting to get built and ready for paint while I have been waiting on UPS to show up with the model I will be painting for the second round of the Iron Painter contest. After the first round of Iron Painter I realized that display type models seemed to fare much better in the competition. This really freed me up from holding off building and painting models I wanted to use for gaming lest they fit the Iron Painter theme; chances are that everything I end up painting for Iron Painter will be purely display pieces. I received the Mei Feng Rail Crew box, Rail Golem, Willie the Demolitionist, and the Lilith Mother of Monsters crew box from my in-laws for my birthday. I plan on basing my rail crew members with some train tracks, I just need to find tracks that will both fit on the bases and look to be the right scale; sounds like it’s time to take a trip on down to the local train store! I really like how the vines spreading around Lilith’s feet turned out.

Bday WiP1 Bday WiP3

Nekima WiP Bday WiP2 LilithWiP

The model I will be painting for my next Iron Painter entry is scheduled to arrive today, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little work on it tonight. Check back tomorrow to see what nightmares I will be unleashing upon paintminion and amazonwarlord!

Best Friends Forever

While waiting for results of round one of the Iron Painter contest I figured I should finish up a few things I have on my painting desk. That means it’s time to sleep carefully–The Dreamer is ready to come out to play!


Doppleganger1 Blue Daydream1

While waiting for some layers on my Iron Painter entry to dry, I have been working on a few more Neverborn to add in to my collection. I really need to actually play my Neverborn at some point… (more…)


In some of my recent posts I have mentioned the Malifaux Neverborn master known as the Dreamer (aka the creepy little kid who haunts the dreams of Malifaux). I have also mentioned that the Dreamer has some nightmarish friends, well this little guy is his very best friend–Lord Chompy Bits!!!  (more…)