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And with that I am ready for Gen Con! These Oxfordian Mages were the last three models I needed to paint to take with me to Gen Con. This also means that I have completed my goal of presenting fully finished models every week leading up to my departure for Gen Con and avoided the consequences of you heaping shame upon me. (more…)

Hey, did you know I’m going to Gen Con? If you didn’t you clearly haven’t been paying attention anything I’ve been saying for the past few week. I am deep into my preparations for the convention and hopefully will get everything put together in time, but I did want to take a moment to make an announcement and show off a few things I’ve been working on. On the first count, I wanted to announce that I will be doing a post here each day of Gen Con to chronicle my experience at this great convention; depending on how busy my evenings are these posts my end up being a simple gallery of photos with a short blurb about the day, but I will make sure I do a full run down of things once I get home from the convention.

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