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The wizened old fortune teller had seen that Hank would find a wealth of crystals in the mountains; at least she hadn’t swindled him out of that scrip, thought Hank bitterly as the ice closed in around him…

Wyrd Miniature’s Rotten Harvest Painting Contest is over, which means that I can finally show you all something that I have been dying to share with the world. The above photo was my entry in the Rotten Harvest Painting competition in the “A Hero’s Demise” category, which was the diorama category in this competition; my entry is titled “Cold Comfort”. The rules of the contest meant that I wasn’t allowed to share this anywhere or mention what my entry was until after voting in the contest had closed. Well, all of the votes are in, the winners announced, and I’m please to tell you that my piece received 1st place in its category! (more…)