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For the past couple of days I have been working on some models I have been wanting to get built and ready for paint while I have been waiting on UPS to show up with the model I will be painting for the second round of the Iron Painter contest. After the first round of Iron Painter I realized that display type models seemed to fare much better in the competition. This really freed me up from holding off building and painting models I wanted to use for gaming lest they fit the Iron Painter theme; chances are that everything I end up painting for Iron Painter will be purely display pieces. I received the Mei Feng Rail Crew box, Rail Golem, Willie the Demolitionist, and the Lilith Mother of Monsters crew box from my in-laws for my birthday. I plan on basing my rail crew members with some train tracks, I just need to find tracks that will both fit on the bases and look to be the right scale; sounds like it’s time to take a trip on down to the local train store! I really like how the vines spreading around Lilith’s feet turned out.

Bday WiP1 Bday WiP3

Nekima WiP Bday WiP2 LilithWiP

The model I will be painting for my next Iron Painter entry is scheduled to arrive today, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little work on it tonight. Check back tomorrow to see what nightmares I will be unleashing upon paintminion and amazonwarlord!


I just finished painting my Dawn Serpent from the Ten Thunders Faction of Malifaux and I’m floored at how it came out. I hear you say, “But why would you paint that? You play Arcanists!” To that I must say, have you seen this model? It’s such a cool model I would want to paint it even if I couldn’t use it in game, but the Dawn Serpent is a beast and Marcus can bring along beasts from any faction! That means I get to add this sweet looking dragon to Marcus’ ever expanding menagerie!


Hey internet! I need you to shame me into finishing some miniatures! Allow me to explain–Wyrd miniatures has announced their Iron Painter 2015 competition; this competition is a little different than other painting competitions in that it is set up as a single elimination tournament where painters face off head-to-head and have two weeks to complete a miniature from build to finished product, last painter standing wins. The Iron Painter is currently scheduled for about 10 weeks and begins April 3rd. As this is a grueling schedule to maintain for cranking out competition worthy models, even those who are eliminated but continue to complete an entry for every round are to receive recognition and accolades for their herculean effort.

That being said, I have masochistically decided to throw my brush into the ring and undertake this epic challenge. Now, I am a notoriously slow painter prone to bouts of hobby A.D.D., and that is where you come in, denizens of the internet. In preparation for the Iron Brush competition I feel that I need some warm up at getting models done on a time-line, so I ask you all to help me do this–if I do not post a finished photo of at least one of the above models (all of which I have been meaning to finish off for months) within one week of this blog post, I ask that you heap your shame and scorn upon me.

Are you with me!? CHARGE!!!!!!!