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WiPWednesday 2-24 #1

Yesterday I mentioned that Wyrd’s annual Iron Painter Competition has been announced and that I once again will be throwing my brush into the ring and chronicling my quest for you here. That means that this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday is all about clearing the decks of ongoing projects before the insanity that is Iron Painter arrives.

Soulstone Miner1

I said I would be starting to crank out more painted models soon, so here’s the fruits of my labors for the weekend: a Soulstone Miner!

Avatar of Famine 1
This lovely Malifaux model is Rasputina’s Avatar, the Avatar of Famine. I have previously mentioned that in Malifaux Avatars represent the ultimate incarnation of a master’s power and that the 2nd edition ruleset relegated them to campaign only status, but not anymore! In the latest book, Shifting Loyalties, rules were released for the Emissaries of Fate and any Avatar model is a tournament legal proxy for these powerful new allies.


Earlier this week I posted some photos of my finished Gunsmith to fulfill my obligation of presenting a finished model to you all before Friday, July 24th. I’ve been informed by a good friend that since I finished the Gunsmith on Saturday, he is not counting my obligation as fulfilled as it was completed during last week and not this week. As I will be going to Gen Con with said friend, I had to hurry to finish up another model in time to avoid his scorn and derision; that means that today I present to you one of my favorite sculpts in Malifaux: the alternate model for Rasputina! (more…)


What’s that coming out of the shadows? Oh no, it’s some of those crazy cannibals from the Cult of December here to back up Rasputina and her icy friends!

Last week I called upon you to heap your shame, scorn, and derision upon me if I failed to present another finished miniature by Friday, July 17th as I’m trying to clear my painting desk before heading to Gen Con. Once again I have achieved my goal and present you with these three December Acolytes! (more…)


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a handful of models I wanted to finish up in time for Gen Con, so I called upon the citizens of the internet to heap their shame, scorn, and derision upon me if between then and Gen Con I failed to present at least one of the models I had mentioned in its fully painted glory. I have already presented you with Joss and some Silurids, well now I present to you the Blessed of December! As you can tell by its name, this model goes along with my Children of December crew for Malifaux, but as it’s a beast it also pairs up quite well with my Marcus crew. (more…)


This weekend I had a lot of time to get in some painting and managed to get a little ahead of the curve for finishing off the models I wanted to finish before heading out to Gen Con. These creepy little fish-frogs are Silurids from Malifaux and they are here to join Marcus’ magnificent menagerie (and the rest of my Neverborn if I ever get around to playing them).


A few days ago I asked you all to shame me if I failed to complete at least one model by today. It would appear that you can put your shame and derision away for at least another week as I present to you Joss, Steampunk Warrior!


The famous Bob Ross liked to paint happy little trees, it turns out that my trees aren’t so happy and want you to get off their lawn. Sorry Bob, but sometimes happy trees won’t cut it and you need some angry foliage… (more…)


Five weeks ago I asked you all to motivate me to finish painting at least one miniature a week to prepare for the Iron Painter 2015 painting competition. This competition is now in full swing and I will be chronicling my journey during the epic quest. Because that challenge is underway I didn’t think I would have time to finish off the last of the five models I presented to you which I wanted to finish in preparation for Iron Painter, but because I was quite wired last night after watching my Detroit Red Wings clinch their 24th consecutive playoff appearance I finished off that final model. This disturbing mass of miss-matched body parts is the Rogue Necromancy from Malifaux! (more…)