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Behold Sigismund, First Captain of the Imperial Fists!


WiPWednesday 2-24 #1

Yesterday I mentioned that Wyrd’s annual Iron Painter Competition has been announced and that I once again will be throwing my brush into the ring and chronicling my quest for you here. That means that this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday is all about clearing the decks of ongoing projects before the insanity that is Iron Painter arrives.

WiPWednesday 10-21 #1 WiPWednesday 10-21 #2

The Future arrives today! Conveniently the Future arrived on Work in Progress Wednesday, the day on which I reveal to you more likely visions of what the future will hold! While I can’t promise you hoverboards, I can promise you painted miniatures! For Malifaux I’ve been working on The Captain, Mechanical Rider, and Malifaux Child and I’ve also been working on this Sigismund of the Imperial Fists from Forge World as a commission piece.

You may notice that the Malifaux Raptor conversion I have been working on it conspicuously missing from these photos–that’s because it’s made the move from work in progress to nearly finished, I just need to complete the basing! Ok, so technically it’s still a work in progress, but it’s so close to being finished that I don’t want to spoil the final reveal.

That’s all for this week, hopefully the hover-conversion on my car will be complete by the time I get home from work; the time that will save me on my daily commute will let me get more painting done!

WiPWednesday 9-30 #1

Wednesday has come again and that means it is time once again for a glimpse at the future! Behold that which is prophesied to come!

WiPWednesday 9-16 #3

It’s Wednesday! What does that mean? It means that it’s Work in Progress Wednesday, which is much cooler than Throwback Thursday because the future is full of potential [and potential energy if you’re a Weeping Angel (you’re not are you, because that would be weird)]! So enough with the nested parentheses because this week the future is full of fire!

WiPWednesday 9-9 #1

Last week I said I would be starting a tradition of making every Wednesday “Work in Progress Wednesday”, so I have made sure to come through for you all because I know that deep down your week wouldn’t be complete without seeing what I have been working on. I must say that it is a pleasure to bring some light to the darkness that is your life. (more…)

WiPWednesday 9-2

It’s been too long since I posted anything and I feel like I have been slacking off a little, so I am here today to announce my newest posting tradition: Work in Progress Wednesdays! It’s just like Throwback Thursdays, but instead of seeing the past you get a glimpse into the future! This is also to keep me going on the goal I set myself at the top of the year of doing at least 15 minutes of hobby work every day; I’ve been slacking off on that a bit in the weeks following Gen Con (possibly due to the flurry of painting I did in preparation of Gen Con). (more…)

Photo Box 14

I have been working on improving the quality of photos I take of my miniatures for a while and have found a great method used by “the pros” that most any hobbyist can pull off at home for a nearly no cost at all. That method is using a photography light diffusion box and I am going to teach you how to build one using items you probably have around your house (and if you don’t, they are rather inexpensive to procure).



Old School Bloodthirster Tiny Bloodthirster

When I was cleaning up my hobby room this weekend I found a box of my old models from when I first started miniature gaming a little over 20 years ago (oh god, has it really been that long?). Inside said box I found my original Bloodthirster miniature and thought it would be fun  to show how far we have come considering the latest version Bloodthirster kit just released by Games Workshop; I would also like to note that my painting has certainly come a long way too, but 10ish year old me thought this guy was the best thing ever! The new Bloodthirster model is awesome looking and very dynamically posed, but I feel like An’ggrath from Forge World is still the best looking of all of the various Bloodthirsters we have seen throughout the years.


Check out this post if you’d like to see more of the An’ggrath I painted on commission; he is still one of my favorite things I have ever painted.

Castigator WiP06

Continuing on with my goal of doing at least fifteen minutes of hobby work per day I have recently started up several new projects that I have been meaning to get around to.  (more…)